Completed Projects

Grand Wisata Bekasi

  • Foto 7.1
  • Owner

    Mr. Dadi

  • Location

    Jl. Grand Wisata, Tambun Sel., Bekasi, Jawa Barat 17510

  • Type Of Installation

    Rooftop On-Grid Solar PV (PLN-Net Metering)

  • System Size

    5.700 Watt-peak (West Facing Roof)

  • Module Type & Installed

    REC® TwinPeak 2 BLK2 Series (285 Watt-peak x 20 pcs)

  • Inverter Type


  • Annual Capacity

    7.260 kWh

  • Completion Date

    20 February 2018

The entire process of switching to solar power has been handled by LEIN Power flawlessly. From the beginning site survey through the PLN approvals and the commissioning of the system, the process has been handled with grace and professionalism. I can't imagine a smoother path to getting solar cells. Looking forward to using air conditioning with less worry about the bill!

Energy Consumption

Rp. 1.500.000 or 1.022 kWh

Yearly Savings

10.657.680 or 59%

Energy Production

Rp. 888.140 or 640 kWh

Payback Period

7 years