Completed Projects

Cibubur Residence

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  • Owner

    Mr. Ari

  • Location

    Cibubur Residence, Jalan Raya Alternatif Cibubur - Cileungsi KM. 2 No. 22, Jatisampurna, Kota Bekasi, Jawa Barat 17435

  • Type Of Installation

    Rooftop On-Grid Solar PV (PLN-Net Metering)

  • System Size

    5.700 Watt-peak

  • Module Type & Installed

    REC® TwinPeak 2 BLK2 Series (285 Watt-peak x 20 pcs)

  • Inverter Type


  • Annual Capacity

    10.402 kWh

  • Completion Date

    12 February 2018

We were exploring a solar install in 2018. Timing was good as our local electric utility (PLN) was offering net metering system. We interviewed 3 companies and chose LEIN Power. They were not the low cost provider but chose them as everyone we had contact with was knowledgable and had good customer skills. We choose REC panels and ABB Inverter as they had the better warranty and efficiency, - Mr. Ari

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Energy Consumption

Rp. 2.000.000 or 1.362 kWh per month

Yearly Savings

Rp. 15.061.680 or 63%

Energy Production

Rp. 1.255.140 or 855 Kwh per month

Payback Period

7 years