Completed Projects

Camar Indah Residence

  • 20180612 184756
  • Owner

    Mr. Muliady

  • Location

    Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara 14460

  • Type Of Installation

    Rooftop On-Grid Solar PV (PLN-Net Metering)

  • System Size

    5.700 Watt-peak (East & West Facing Roof)

  • Module Type & Installed

    REC® TwinPeak 2 BLK2 Series (285 Watt-peak x 20 pcs)

  • Inverter Type


  • Annual Capacity

    6.540 kWh

  • Completion Date

    6 March 2018

Since 2017 I have been in the commercial/utility renewable energy industry (Hydro & Solar). Have always been asked if I have solar on my residence and if so, what do I have. Should I lease or buy? Well, I knew the timing was now, especially from a policy perspective. After searching around and speaking to many of my colleagues, i am buying a rooftop residential solar system from LEIN Power.

Energy Consumption

Rp. 1.000.000 or 682 kWh

Yearly Savings

Rp. 9.600.720 or 80%

Energy Production

Rp. 800.060 or 545 kWh

Payback Period

7 years