Completed Projects

Bukit Hijau Pondok Indah

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  • Owner

    Mr. Pudji

  • Location

    Bukit Hijau, Pd. Pinang, Kby. Lama, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12310

  • Type Of Installation

    Rooftop On-Grid Solar PV (PLN-Net Metering)

  • System Size

    9.800 Watt-peak (North & South Facing Roof)

  • Module Type & Installed

    REC® TwinPeak 2 BLK2 Series (285 Watt-peak)

  • Inverter Type


  • Annual Capacity

    12.336 kWh

  • Completion Date

    29 May 2018

The decision to go solar with LEIN Power was one of the most exciting projects I have ever embarked on. The sleek look and advanced technology now mounted on my roof is unparalleled, and I still venture outside to take a look and admire the system. Sometimes I feel like a real-life Iron Man. Using the ABB Aurora Vision app, I can watch my generation, and in essence, watch my money saved. Decreasing my carbon footprint is also an added bonus. -Mr. Pudjianto

Energy Consumption

Rp. 15.000.000 or 10.233 kWh

Yearly Savings

Rp. 18.109.248 or 10%

Energy Production

Rp. 1.509.104 or 1.028 kWh

Payback Period

7 years