Powering Communities Towards Brighter Horizon

LEIN Power, initiated SUNRUV in 2017, a non-profit CSR Solar Project dedicated to bringing reliable, clean energy to the impoverished communities in Indonesia.

SUNRUV helps create brighter living for people in unelectrified areas through the power of solar. Our program to modern energy access will foster energy independence, good education, better health care and economic empowerment


Our mission is to leverage solar applications to improve people’s lives in impoverished communities by impacting these main four sectors: education, economic development, public facility improvements and water.


Augmentation of Primary Education System emphasizing on child education

Economic Development

Nurturing sustainability for inclusive growth, with the help of Solar Powered Income Generating Activities

Public Facility Improvement

Helping in the building of Public Infrastructures, Religious Buildings, Kantor Desa, etc


Water as primary needs in rural development. Safe Drinking Water, Solar Water Pumps, etc

Partnering with SUNRUV, connects you to the most innovative technologies and organizations in the energy access space. Be part of solving the world’s biggest problem with cutting-edge solar solutions

Campaigning for a just and sustainable world isn’t an easy task, and certainly not one that we can do by ourselves. SUNRUV has teamed up with some of the most effective organisations out there so you can hear the best stories and take the right actions. We are pleased to introduce you to our partnering organizations; NGO, Charity and Government. These organizations conceive, build and execute the programs and projects that enable us to push for change, and a better world for people and the planet.

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