Brighter Business Growth

LEIN Power has the experience and expertise to help your organization make the switch to a better source of energy. We work with commercial clients throughout Indonesia. At LEIN Power, we value our partnerships and the personal connections we make with our clients. Our Solar Concierge will work with you to identify a solar solution that maximizes your energy savings and return on investment.

Extensive, Eco-Friendly Energy Solutions

Solar Street Lights

Say goodbye to darkness in the evening and costly electrical bills. Our solar-powered LED lighting solutions harness the sun's energy to provide high-quality illumination for outdoor applications.

High Rise

A skyscraper with rooftop solar panels can run as a vertical solar power station. Imagine, if all skyscrapers and high-rises become solar buildings, what will Indonesia be.

Electric Vehicle

LEIN's commitment to help create a sustainable environment is further manifested in our complete line of electric vehicle supply equipment and support services.


If your business spends more than $1,000 a month on electricity, going solar could pay serious dividends. You'll get more control over your energy expenses and protection against unpredictable utility rate hikes.

Parking Lot

A way to cut down on that heat, cool down the cars that park in these lots, power up those parked cars that are electric vehicle, and generate a lot of energy to boots.

Solar Farm

Our turnkey microgrid-as-a-service solution lets you tap into locally generated energy to hedge costs power critical facilities when the central grid is unavailable.

Solar Box

The SolarBox solution is an innovative micro solar power station in a container, designed to provide power in remote/rural areas with limited grid access.